• As a teenager, it was winning an international pageant that took Jennifer out of the small Texas town she grew up in.  After spending a number of years traveling the world, Jennifer left her modeling roots behind and began receiving opportunities to act in film and television.  Having been cast in many independent films, working with people like Ray Liotta, James Kyson (NBC series, Heroes), Danny Trejo and others, she had the privilege of learning on the job.  Because of her desire for excellence in acting she is consistently honing and developing her craft through training with well known coaches such as John Kirby, Aaron Speiser and others.  She is also an avid interpreter of dreams and can speak from experience the power of truly understanding them.  She's been cast in films that she'd dreamt of prior... do-do do-do (twilight zone music here..) and believes that life is a journey that should be full of purpose and continuous growth.